Biodiesel is produced in pure form (100% biodiesel), which is referred to as B100 or Neat Diesel and may be blended with petroleum based fuel in various percentages. For example: A blend containing 5% biodiesel and 95% petroleum based fuel is referred to as a B5 blend.

Concerns Regarding Biodiesel

Kubota Engine America Corporation, along with the Fuel Injection Equipment manufacturers (FIE) has the following concerns regarding the characteristics of biodiesel:

According to a statement produced jointly by the Diesel Fuel Injection Equipment manufacturers, B100 biodiesel has been found to create the potential for the following failures/issues in diesel engines:

Kubota's Position Regarding the Use of Biodiesel

Kubota accepts the use of biodiesel in Kubota diesel engines and Kubota diesel powered products only if the fuel meets the following conditions:

The use of biodiesel does not affect the Kubota warranty for material and workmanship. However, any failures attributed to the use of biodiesel, or any diesel fuel, are not factory defects and will not be covered under Kubota's warranty.

Recommendations regarding the use of Biodiesel

Enhanced care must be taken, even if the biodiesel meets the said standards above: