Emergency Stationary Standby Gensets


The most trusted engine in the industry.

When the unexpected occurs, customers need a surefire answer to keep operations in motion. Kubota powers your generators – and your success.


  • More global emissions certifications than any other manufacturer
  • Diverse fuel options
  • Easy to install, rugged and reliable

Features & Benefits

Low profile and high performance.

The Kubota BG engine provides high performance in a compact size. It’s perfect for stationary standby generator requirements.

Durable and reliable belt-free design.

The Kubota BG engine includes a durable and dependable solid gear train. It does the job without the use of belts that can degrade or wear over time.

Consistent, predictable output every time.

A unique fly-ball governor system stabilizes and regulates energy output for

safe, predictable performance.

More parts. More flexibility.

BG engines include the radiator and air cleaner. This gives you the flexibility to choose your own controls and exhaust configuration and allows for efficient, hassle-free setup and installation.

A clean, clear choice.

Kubota always provides leading efficiency and emissions performance.

Engine Models

ModelStandby RatingAlternatorCylindersDry Weight
D1305-E4BG10 kWe @ 1800 (.8 power factor)12V/30 Amp3305 lbs
D1703-ME3BG15 kWe @ 1800 (.8 power factor)12V/40 Amp3425 lbs
V2203-ME3BG19.4 kWe @ 1800 (.8 power factor)12V/40 Amp4500 lbs
V3300-E3BG27 kWe @ 1800 (.8 power factor)12V/45 Amp4695 lbs
V3600-TE3BG35 kWe @ 1800 (.8 power factor)12V/45 Amp4700 lbs
V3800-DITE3BG42.5 kWe @ 1800 (.8 power factor)12V/45 Amp4695 lbs