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Engines May 14, 2021

Kubota has obtained certification for its diesel engine with an output 55.4kW (equivalent to a horsepower of 74.3) under CHINA IV*, the emission regulations for non-road diesel vehicles. These regulations


Corporate April 26, 2021

Service training is at the heart of our business. It’s never been more important – that’s why the Kubota Engine Academy keeps our distributors and dealers ready to service our


Parts April 26, 2021

  An engine’s performance is only as great as the sum of its parts. That’s why we recommend protecting your engine with Genuine Kubota – these are manufactured to our


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Kubota Engine America (KEA) has a vast distributor network in the U.S., Canada and Latin America to provide engine service support.  These factory-trained distributors have the expertise and know-how to provide convenient parts, service and warranty support for all Kubota-powered products.

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