Emission Certificates


High-quality, eco-friendly Kubota engines satisfy all global emission regulations.

Kubota established its Engine Product Environmental Management Section (EPEMS) in Osaka, Japan, exclusively to work on environmental issues. It gathers emission regulations information from all over the world, analyzes it and shares it throughout the company. It also performs thorough, automated emission measuring tests on all new engines to ensure Kubota engines meet current regulations and have flexibility to pass those in the future.

Kubota quality inspection facility: the world’s highest emission level controls.

Kubota Corporation’s quality inspection facility was designed to ensure that all Kubota engines clear emission regulations as they continue to become more stringent.

  • Newly developed engine models first must pass certification tests for all existing emission regulations before moving to mass production.
  • Regular sampling inspections reconfirm that they live up to the Kubota reputation for high quality.

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