Power. Efficiency. Reliability. Kubota engines offer flexibility and performance to fit your application.

Kubota expanded product line-up meets the diverse needs of our customers and the requirements of construction and industrial machinery.  The V5009 is part of Kubota’s powerful 09 series that can help you reach new heights.

  • 210.9 HP at 2200 RPM
  • Compact 4 cylinder, 5.0 Liter Diesel Engine
  • Easy one side maintenance
  • High Fuel Efficiency
  • Flexible Design
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Easy Maintenance

One-side maintenance and automatic belt tensioner allow for ease of engine maintenance.

High Power Density

This compact 4 cylinder engine offers a powerful output of 210.9 HP at 2200 RPM.

Low Fuel Consumption

The optimized combustion helps the engine achieve high fuel efficiency.

Sales & Service Network

Kubota Engine America has a vast service network in North and South America to provide parts and service support for your Kubota engines and generators. These factory-trained distributors and dealers have the expertise and know-how to provide genuine parts, authorized service and warranty support for all of your Kubota powered products.


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