New engine. New heights.

The new D902TE4 turbocharged industrial engine from Kubota offers high torque, a lightweight design and a compact package for mowers, tractors, utility vehicles, mini track loaders and more. It’s a quiet, powerful engine that delivers in every environment — even in high elevations. The higher torque at a comparatively lower speed and the addition of a turbocharger makes it quieter and a perfect match for your turf equipment.

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Engine Specifications

Engine ModelD902-T
Displacement0.898 L
Rated output / speed*18.5 kW (24.8HP) / 2800 RPM
Maximum torque / speed*78.0 Nm (57.5 lb-ft) / 2000 RPM
Length x Width x Height*2 (without aftertreatment unit) mm (in) 434 x 404 x 544 (17.1 x 15.9 x 21.4)
Dry weight kg (lb)75 (165)
*Gross intermittent SAE JI995