How to find your Engine Emissions Label

Finding Your Kubota Engine Emissions Label

Steps to identify the appropriate emissions certificate

  1. In order to ensure that the certificate matches the engine, first locate the Emissions Label on the engine. The label is located on the valve cover of the engine, and has important emissions information.
  2. The label heading describes what emissions standards the engine is certified to meet.
  3. The family name is used by regulating agencies to identify certified engines. This family name is the best way to look up the appropriate emissions certificate.
  4. The first character of the family name represents the model year of the engine
  5. Click here to find the certificate of particular model year. The CARB certificate will contain detailed emission information.

The EPA and CARB certificates are provided below. For other countries’ certificates or if you have any questions, please contact the Kubota Engine America Emissions Department.

Find Your Emissions Certificate


Nonroad CI Engine Label

Emissions Label_2

OFF ROAD Large SI Engine Label

Large SI Label

SI SORE’s Engine Label