Fuel Filters


Take a close look at the filter media, and it’s easy to see that the genuine Kubota filter removes the smallest particles, while other brands leave plenty of room for contaminants to pass through.

Not only is the filter media more dense, there is up to 31 square inches more filtration area than the closest competitor. Increased filtration area helps collect more contaminants to ensure cleaner fuel.

Kubota-Website-2019_Filter_Media_1_a1-300x228 Kubota-Website-2019_Filter_Media_2_a1-300x224


Don’t let water corrode your productivity.

Genuine Kubota filters have an anti-corrosion coating to resist the effects of moisture in your fuel system. In testing, Kubota filters resisted corrosion while another popular brand of replacement fuel filter rusted after only a short exposure to moisture.

Kubota (left) Brand X (right)

Note the rust in the canister and the spring.

Kubota vs Brand X

When comparing Kubota with other brands, Kubota is superior because:
• Robust construction
• Media is securely anchored to end caps
• Spring and cup makes sure the cartridge is centered to ensure optimum flow


Kubota (left) Brand X (right)