4 cold weather maintenance tips for your Kubota generator

Oct 21, 2020 | Generators

Preventative maintenance plays a critical role in your generator’s performance.

Although your generator should only be fully serviced every six months, your day-to-day maintenance routine should adjust during the colder months. Here are our tips for successful winter upkeep.

1. New fresh fuel and add clean oil.

The first step in preparing your generator for winter is to swap out its fuel. Adding new oil will help it to avoid trouble starting and alleviate engine performance issues down the road.

2. Check the coolant mixture and condition.

Gen set coolant helps your generator maintain heat transfer capabilities and provides protection against frost. When there is a risk of freezing, your generator’s engine coolant should contain a 50/50 mix when using glycol antifreeze or 53/47 mix when using poly propylene antifreeze. It is important to monitor the condition of your engine’s coolant mixture throughout the winter.

3. Inspect the V belt’s tension.

During the colder months, you should frequently check the tension of your V belt for cracked or worn spots. In addition, the engine’s V belt should have no more than 10mm of slack for a properly adjusted belt.

4. Monitor the fuel filter.

Old, unclean fuel can cause gelling problems. By regularly checking the generator’s fuel filter, you can ensure that no summer fuel remains in the system.

When servicing your Kubota Lowboy generators make sure to refer to your generator service manual for all of the proper factory recommendations. To learn more about the Lowboy generators visit our generator page.