5 reasons to power your Emergency Stationary Standby Generator with a Kubota engine

Jul 06, 2020 | Corporate, Engines, Generators

You know that when the need for energy is essential, you don’t get a second chance to deliver. Choosing to power your Emergency Stationary Standby Generators – and your success – with a Kubota generator engine provides peace of mind during unexpected circumstances.

Kubota’s BG Series generator engines are ideal for emergency stationary standby generators applications. Regardless of what your generator is backing up, a backup engine is critical to keep your operations running smoothly.


Kubota BG engine models for Emergency Stationary Standby Generators

The Kubota BG Series includes six easy-to-install engine models. Each model is water cooled, includes a 6-blade pusher fan and 4-stroke cycle, and offers diverse fuel options.

BG Series engines range from 10 to 42.5 kWe at 1800 rpm and from a 12V/30 to a 12V/45 amp alternator, allowing you to find the most effective choice for your generator.

Ready to learn more about the product benefits? Here are five reasons why a Kubota BG engine will benefit your emergency stationary standby genset:


Kubota BG engines are:

  1. Low profile, yet high performance.

The Kubota BG engine provides high performance in a compact size, making it perfect for stationary standby generator requirements.

  1. Reliable.

Kubota BG engines are built with a durable and dependable gear train. It does the job without the use of belts that can degrade or wear over time.

  1. Predictable.

A unique fly-ball governor system stabilizes and regulates energy output for safe, consistent performance.

  1. Flexible.

BG engines include the radiator and air cleaner, providing you the flexibility to choose your own controls and exhaust configuration. Plus, you can enjoy efficient, hassle-free setup and installation.

  1. Clean.

Kubota holds more global emissions certifications than any other manufacturer. As the most trusted engine manufacturer in the industry, we designed the BG engine to lead in efficiency and emissions performance.


We are continuously expanding our distribution network to best support our customers across the country. Reach out to learn more about Kubota BG engines today.