Celebrating Kubota’s Centennial Milestone

Oct 17, 2022 | Corporate

Over the last century, Kubota has established itself as the leading small diesel engine brand globally. Since it began production of the Agricultural Oil Engine Type A in 1922, Kubota has continued to deliver high-quality engines as a power source for a wide variety of industrial equipment.

Kubota has also continued to manufacture engines that conform to the environmental regulations of every region around the world and enjoys high popularity among agricultural and construction equipment manufacturers globally.


How has Kubota remained successful over 100 years?

As an engine manufacturer satisfying the diverse needs of customers and society, Kubota has consistently expanded its engine lineup, contributed to the creation of a more comfortable environment, and supported the future of people and the Earth. Kubota has also continued to see tremendous sales growth around the world.

Some of the achievements and contributions that Kubota Engine America (KEA) has made as a company:

  • Launched the Kubota-branded generator.
  • Launched the Large Spark Ignited engines.
  • Expansion of the Kubota Engine America building, adding engineering capabilities such as additional dynamometers, a cold chamber and durability testing facility.
  • Expanded our aftermarket support with the Kubota service app.
  • Added our Kubota Engine Academy training facility.
  • Expanded into new markets such as ground support equipment, forklifts, woodchippers, ground heating and more.


The next 100 years for Kubota

No one predicted today’s Kubota Engine presence in the small engine industry 100 years ago – so predicting the next 100 years is far from a science.

Kubota, however, will continue to respond to society’s needs. As a power solution provider to a wide variety of markets, it’s important to listen to our customers and the general market. Always having our finger on the pulse allows us to shift along with customer demand. Kubota continues to conduct research and development efforts to make sure we can offer a wide variety of solutions and deliver the power our customers need, when they need it.

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