Kubota GL14000 generator


GL Series

  • Prime Output 12 kVA
  • Standby Output 14 kVA
  • Frequency: 60 HZ
  • Phase: Single
Features & Benefits

Improved Reliability

  • Generator and engine are direct-coupled to ensure a more reliable power supply with minimum power loss.
  • Large-capacity fuel tank (36.4L / 9.62 U.S gal.) enables longer continuous operation on a single tank.

Easy Maintenance

  • One-side maintenance to reduce the operator’s work load.
  • Larger-capacity oil pan employed to stretch the oil change intervals up to 200 operating hours. Reduces the running cost for the generator owner.

Safety Features

  • Protective covers on all moving parts (for the engine’s cooling fan and the generator).
  • Automatically shuts the engine down in case the water temperature rises excessively or the oil pressure drops below a safe level.

Wide Application

  • Double element air cleaners are standard equipment. Ideal for heavy-duty application in dusty environments.
  • An access terminal to connect to the ATS (Automatic Transfer Switches) is standard equipment. Applicable for stationary use as well.
Rated OutputkVA12
Maximum OutputkVA14
Rated VoltageV240 / 120
Rated CurrentA100
Phase / Wire1-3
Power Factor1.0
Frequency Regulation%0.25
Voltage Regulation%240V: ±0.5 / 120V: ±5.0
Momentary Load Variability%Fluctuation rate of the maximum voltage: 30%
Within 3% of the setting voltage Recovery time: 2 seconds
Voltage Adjusting Range%-15%~+5% of the rated voltage
Waveform Distortion Factor (at no load)%2.0
Receptacles120V-20A GFCI x 2 (4 receptacles)
120/240V-50A Twist type x 1
BreakerMain x 1
Secondary In-line x2
Output Terminal BlockSingle phase - 3 wires (U-N/G-W)
Terminal Size: M8
Padlock (Option)Front Door Lock, Side Door Lock, Fuel Inlet Lock, Terminal Cover
ModelKubota / D902
Engine SpeedRPM3600
Applicable Emission Control StandardEPA Tier 4 Final, CARB
Voltmeter, Ammeter, Frequency MeterStandard
Ammeter Selector SwitchStandard
Voltage Adjusting DialStandard
Available Output IndicatorStandard
Voltage Indicator Panel LightStandard
Hour Meter, Fuel Gauge, TachometerStandard
Minimum Insulation Resistance(MΩ)3
Withstand Voltage Test Procedure1500V, within 1 minute
Overcurrent Protective DeviceEquipped as standard
Grounding SystemNeutral Bonding (Body earthing)
Engine Shut-OffLow Oil Pressure, Excessive Coolant Temperature, Improper Charging, Over Revolution
Spill Containment CapacityL82 (186% of the entire fuel, oil and coolant)
Emergency Stop SystemOpening of control panel or terminal cover
Fuel Consumption at Full LoadL/h (Gal/hr)4.9 (1.29)
Fuel Consumption at 3/4 LoadL/h (Gal/hr)3.9 (1.03)
Fuel Consumption at 1/2 LoadL/h (Gal/hr)3.2 (0.85)
Fuel Consumption at 1/4 LoadL/h (Gal/hr)2.5 (0.66)
Fuel Tank Capacity (Net Volume)L (gal)36.4 (9.62)
Continuous Operating Hours at Full Load(hr)7.0
Continuous Operating Hours at 3/4 Load(hr)9.0
Continuous Operating Hours at 1/2 Load(hr)11.0
Continuous Operating Hours at 1/4 Load(hr)15.0
Dimensions LxWxHmm (in.)1310 x 640 x 895 (51.57 x 25.2 x 35.24)
Dry Weight / Net Weightkg (lbs.)410 (904) / 455 (1003)
Noise Level (No Load / Rated Operation)(dB • A/7 m)65 / 67