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J Series

Kubota J Series Generators (Latin America)

A Long-Lasting Power Generator for Any Location

Kubota J Series generators are powered by your choice of two engine types: a Kubota SUPER MINI or Kubota 05 Series engine. Designed to be operated in limited-space applications, they also provide more hours of continuous power generation, thanks to a large-capacity fuel tank and exceptional efficiency.

Operator-Friendly Transportability

A one-point lifting eye makes the J Series generator easy to move wherever it’s needed. Special forklift openings are also provided at the base of the unit.

Easy One-Side Maintenance

Gauges and filters are conveniently located on one side of the generator (except for the oil filter on models J106, J108 and J310). This makes daily maintenance simple.

60 Hertz Generators
Model Frequency HZStandby Output kVa (kW)Prime Output kVa (kW)Voltage: Single PhaseVoltage: Three Phase
J107607.1 (7.1)6.5 (6.5)110/220-
J1106011.0 (11.0)10.0 (10.0)110/220-
J1146015.4 (15.4)14.0 (14.0)110/220-
J1196020.6 (20.6)18.8 (18.0)110/220-
J3136013.7 (11.0)12.5 (10.0)127220
J3246025.8 (20.6)23.5 (18.8)127220