KJ Series

KJ Series Generators


This generator are direct-coupled to ensure a more reliable power supply with minimum power loss.

Clean Emissions

Diesel engines selected to power the heavy-duty KJ series produce far less soot, HC and CO emissions thanks to Kubota original E-TVCS combustion.

Carefree Maintenance

Oil, fuel, water, and filters are all located on one side for easy maintenance.

ModelFrequency HZStandy Output KVA/KWPrime Output KVA/KWVoltage: Single Phase
KJ-S130VX5013.8 kVA (13.8 kW)12.5 kVA (12.5 kW)110/220
KJ-S150VX6016.5 kVA (16.5 kW)15.0 kVA (15.0 kW)110/220
KJ-T130DX5013.8 kVA (11.0 kW)12.5 kVA (10.0 kW)220/240
KJ-T160DX6017.2 kVA (13.7 kW)15.6 kVA (12.5 kW)127/220
KJ-T180VX5019.8 kVA (15.8 kW)18.0 kVA (14.4 kW)220/240
KJ-T210VX6023.1 kVA (18.5 kW)21.0 kVA (16.8 kW)127/220
KJ-T3005033.0 kVA (26.4 kW)30.0 kVA (24.0 kW)-