SQ Series

Kubota SQ Series Generators

SQ Series Generators Are Super Quiet

One of the largest heavy-duty type 4-pole Kubota generators is also a super-quiet source of reliable power. Its special enclosure with a noise-absorbing duct, an over-sized muffler, extra-long air cleaner hose and quieter cooling fan all add up to excellent performance with low noise levels – approximately 62-65 dB (23 feet at full load).

Dependable Kubota Performance

The generator and engine are direct-coupled for increased reliability with minimum power loss. Solid-state voltage regulation maintains excellent stability (less than 5%) during changing load conditions. Its quick response automatically provides stable power to sensitive equipment.

Low Noise Features

Generator noise has been reduced thanks to an improved noise reduction enclosure and a noise absorbing duct with three air intake holes, in addition to an oversized muffler and a quieter cooling fan that runs at a slower speed.

ModelFrequency HZStandy Output KVA/KWPrime Output KVA/KWVoltage: Single Phase
SQ-11205011.2 kVA (11.2 kW)11.8 kVA (11.8 kW)110/220
SQ-11406014.5 kVA (14.5 kW)13.6 kVA (13.6 kW)110/220
SQ-11505016.0 kVA (16.0 kW)15.0 kVA (15.0 kW)110/220
SQ-12006020.0 kVA (20.0 kW)21.0 kVA (21.0 kW)110/220
SQ-31405015.4 kVA (12.3 kW)14.0 kVA (11.2 kW)220
SQ-31706017.0 kVA (13.6 kW)18.7 kVA (15.0 kW)127/220
SQ-32005022.0 kVA (17.6 kW)20.0 kVA (16.0 kW)220
SQ-32506025.0 kVA (25.0 kW)27.5 kVA (22.0 kW)127/220
SQ-33005033.0 kVA (26.4 kW)30.0 kVA (24.0 kW)220
SQ-33506035.0 kVA (28.0 kW)38.5 kVA (30.8 kW)127/220