Get the Job Done With Genuine Kubota Oil and Oil Filters

Mar 25, 2024 | Parts

Despite encountering harsh operating conditions, Genuine Kubota oil and oil filters provide simple yet effective solutions to extend the life of your Kubota engine.

Curious about the benefits? Let’s dive into this dynamic duo!


Why should I trust Genuine Kubota oil filters? 

Extensive research confirms that Genuine Kubota oil filters outperform aftermarket competitors over time, with filtration efficiency that steadily improves as the hours pass – an advantage not seen with other brands. 

But how do they achieve this superior performance? It’s a straightforward process. Our oil filters utilize three essential elements to eliminate contaminants from your engine: the filter or “outer filter,” the internal filter, and the sealing gasket.


Diagram of Kubota oil filter with text on right side

Here’s how each element contributes effectively: 

  • Synthetic fibers are employed in our filters to deliver high-efficiency filtration and resistance to hot oil. 
  • The internal filter element is reinforced with steel caps bonded to the filter media, enhancing its structural integrity. 
  • Sealing gasket compounds are meticulously engineered to endure severe duty service and high-temperature operation, significantly reducing the risk of oil leakage. 


Why should I trust Genuine Kubota oil? 

Developed specifically for Kubota industrial engines, using our oil is a simple way to increase the lifespan of your engine and protect its performance. Its superior features include: 

  • Excellent heat resistance and stability. Kubota oil minimizes high-temperature degradation and maintains the proper viscosity. 
  • Accurate cleansing and dispersion properties. Kubota oil works to cleanse the soot from your engine and absorb tiny particles for fine dispersion. 
  • Improved resistance to engine wear. Our oil is blended with specific additives that substantially reduce deterioration on your engine. 
  • Manufacturer’s quality assurance. Because Kubota oil precisely conforms to our strict quality standards, it will outperform competitors and last throughout the full oil change interval recommended for your engine.


Genuine Kubota oil and oil filters adhere to stringent quality standards, ensuring superior performance and longevity compared to competitors. You can trust that Kubota oil will outlast the full oil change interval recommended for your engine, providing reliable performance throughout.

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Genuine Oil & Oil Filters (PDF)