How To Find and Read Your Serial Number for Kubota Engine Replacements

Jun 14, 2024 | Engines


The importance of your Kubota engine serial number 

Understanding the power of your Kubota engine’s serial number is crucial for efficient maintenance and service. With over 3 million Kubota engines in use across various applications, having your engine’s serial number at your fingertips can significantly streamline your parts and service needs. The serial number not only helps in identifying your exact engine model but also ensures you receive the correct service parts without any hassle. 


Locating your engine serial number 

Finding your Kubota engine’s serial number is simple with the guidance provided on our website. Each engine has a unique serial number that is typically located on a metal plate attached to the engine block. To locate your serial number: 


  1. Visit our serial number information page
  1. Check common locations:
    • The serial number is often found in the following places:
      • On the engine block, usually on the side.
      • Near the starter motor or fuel injection pump.
      • On the engine’s valve cover.


Understanding your serial number 

Your Kubota engine’s serial number is a key identifier that provides essential information about your engine.

It is typically composed of alphanumeric characters that include: 

  • Model number: indicates the engine model. 
  • Production date: helps identify the manufacturing date. 
  • Unique identifier: distinguishes your engine from others with a specific sequence. 

To fully understand the details encoded in your serial number, refer to our serial number identification page. 


Steps for engine replacement 

When it’s time to replace your Kubota engine, follow these steps to ensure you find the perfect replacement: 

  1. Collect essential information:
  • Engine serial number: Locate and note your engine’s serial number.
  • Equipment make & model: Record the make and model of the equipment powered by your Kubota engine.
  1. Contact your local Kubota distributor:
  • With the collected information, reach out to your authorized Kubota distributor. Their extensive expertise will help you find the right replacement engine tailored to your needs.
  • Self-service OEM equipment requires direct contact with the OEM’s dealer network for more specific assistance. If you are unsure if your OEM is self-service or not, your local distributor will be able to give you some guidance.


Benefits of the engine replacement program 

Kubota engines are built to endure the toughest jobs with superior durability and performance. However, if an engine replacement becomes necessary, Kubota offers a comprehensive warranty of two years or 2,000 hours, whichever comes first. This warranty ensures you can maintain the reliability and performance of your equipment with peace of mind. For more details on our warranty and to find the right replacement engine, visit our engine replacement program page. 

By following these steps and utilizing the resources provided, you can easily find and read your Kubota engine serial number, ensuring you get the right parts and support for your engine replacement needs.