How to prepare your Kubota Generator for use after long storage

Feb 03, 2021 | Generators

If your Kubota generator has been in storage, now is the perfect time to start preparing it for use. Make sure to follow our tips and reference your operator’s manual for optimal performance.


Give it a physical inspection.

After long storage, perform a physical inspection of the unit to remove any debris that may have accumulated during storage. This helps you to avoid ingestion or hampering the proper operation of the generator. Check for loose bolts, trash buildup, oil or coolant leaks, and broken or worn-out parts. In addition:


  • All intake ports should be open and free of any blockages that could restrict airflow. When inspecting, make sure nothing has taken up residence inside your generator.
  • Check all electrical connections and components for any signs of damage or corrosion. Most importantly, examine the receptacles and terminals before connecting to them.
  • Look for any signs of corrosion on the battery leads. Performing a battery test will let you know if your generator has a proper charge.


Replace the air filter.

After a storage period is a great time to replace the air filter with a fresh, new filter in preparation for the new season. Learn more about our generator parts.


Check diesel fuel levels.

Diesel fuel levels should be fresh and should not have accumulated any water from condensation during storage. Best practices include draining the fuel and replacing it with a fresh tank and new filter. If the fuel tank becomes empty, air can enter the fuel system.


Perform engine checks.

Regular maintenance checks on your engine are always encouraged, especially when the generator hasn’t been used recently.

Things to look for include proper fluid levels and good condition of all rubber parts (i.e., hoses and belts). If any rubber parts show signs of cracking, you may need to replace them before use.

Note: Always reference your operator’s manual prior to using your generator.


If you are unsure how to perform these checks, please reach out to a certified Kubota dealer in your area. They are always happy and prepared to help.