Kubota 07 Series engines: Your source of proven reliability

Jul 27, 2021 | Engines

The Kubota 07 Series engines launched in 2005 and incorporated a unique cylinder block design, enabling larger displacement within the compact engine package.

With outputs of 56.3-74.3 HP and rated speeds of 2600-2700 RPM, the 07 Series engines are powerful enough for a variety of applications and developed to provide high power density and superior endurance.

The most popular applications you’ll find Kubota 07 Series in include air compressors, concrete saws, pumps, wood chippers, pavers, compactors and concrete trowels. (Do you have equipment powered by a Kubota 07 Series engine? We’d love to see photos on social media – tag us with the hashtag #PoweredByKubota to be featured.)


Proven reliability and technology

The Kubota 07 Series has been developed to meet the various requirements of a wide range of industrial applications. Kubota’s unique cylinder block design was developed using our proprietary casting technology, enabling larger displacement within the 2.6L – 3.3L compact engine package.

The improved cooling system, with a main water gallery and water passages between cylinder bores is an efficient and very effective measure against heat load which supports high power density and superior endurance in the reliable Kubota 07 Series.

Ready to learn more? See below for a highlight of the V2607 and V3307 engines.



blue Kubota engine with fan

The Kubota V2607 engine: This 4-cylinder engine offers 2.6 L displacement and outputs of 56.3-74.3 HP. It is available in a variety of configurations to meet your Tier 4 final and Stage V needs.



blue Kubota engine with fan

The V3307 engine is also a 4-cylinder, water-cooled engine with turbocharged aspiration and a speed of 74.3 HP.


To find more information on Kubota 07 Series engines, contact your authorized distributor.