Revving Up Customer Care: How Kubota elevates its customer experience in the parts department

Dec 21, 2023 | Corporate, Parts


Customer service is the cornerstone of Kubota’s values. By providing the highest level of support and satisfaction, Kubota has undertaken several initiatives in the parts department to enhance its customers’ experience.


We believe customer service is more than a commitment – it’s a continuous process of improvement. Recent upgrades to the SAP system reflect a dedication to cutting-edge technology. Kubota proactively engages with customers at an individual level to understand their unique business needs. Surveys and feedback mechanisms further ensure that customer voices are heard, contributing to the evolution of Kubota’s online ordering systems.


Kubota goes the extra mile through a structured customer engagement cadence. Biweekly meetings provide a platform to review orders, address challenges and discuss areas for improvement. The innovative approach involves customers directly in the feedback loop, from identifying issues to testing and implementing solutions. This dynamic feedback mechanism has led to substantial improvements, from automated shipping schedules to enhanced online ordering processes.


Gathering and utilizing customer feedback is ingrained in Kubota’s culture. We employ surveys, face-to-face meetings, biweekly interactions, emails and phone calls to collect valuable insights. This information is meticulously logged and prioritized, driving continuous improvement initiatives. The feedback loop ensures that customer suggestions are not only considered but actively incorporated into Kubota’s operations, fostering a culture of responsiveness and adaptability.


Kubota stands as a beacon of unwavering dedication to customer service excellence. The company’s commitment to prioritizing customer needs, actively engaging in feedback loops and fostering a highly trained and responsive customer service team distinguishes it as an industry leader.