Spring maintenance tips for your Kubota diesel engine

Mar 21, 2022 | Engines

If your machinery has been in storage all winter, now is the perfect time to start preparing it for use. Follow our expert advice and reference your operator’s manual for optimal engine performance.



  1. Freshen up fluids.

Your engine will run optimally with the correct levels of fluids. After taking equipment out of storage, check fluids and oil within the engine. If its oil was changed before the winter, it is likely okay – but will need to be freshened up throughout the equipment’s use. (Learn more about Genuine Kubota parts here.)

  1. Check for loose or deteriorated components.

This is a great opportunity to look things over.  Inspect the engine’s mechanisms for wear and tear. Items like its accessory belt/s, clamp and hoses can be affected throughout its use.

  1. Beware of collected moisture.

Freeze-thaw cycles can cause your engine to collect moisture. In addition, cold engines (engines that have not been fully warmed up) have more combustion gasses and moisture that tend to collect inside the engine. Tip: Short moves and run time of equipment around storage areas without warm up should be avoided. Fully warm up the engine after moving it throughout the winter to prevent this moisture from building up within its oil.

  1. Keep critters in mind.

Depending on where you store your equipment, animals like squirrels or mice can nest within machines. Make sure to check for any nests or unwanted debris before starting the engine or moving any gear.

  1. Ensure fluid is not leaking.

When you start the engine for the first time after cold storage, keep a close eye out for any leaks.



Before using, run the engine until it is fully warmed – the temperature on the gauge panel will show ideal levels. We also recommend periodically warming the engine throughout the winter if it is placed in cold storage. Doing this helps prevent rust in its cylinders or on other critical engine parts like fuel system components and will save you money on maintenance in the long run.

Once your equipment is up and running for spring, make sure to perform routine engine checks and bring it in for service when necessary. If you are unsure how to perform these checks, reach out to a certified Kubota dealer in your area. They are always happy and prepared to help.