The Best Engines for Rental

Oct 15, 2021 | Engines

Ensuring engine dependability and quality should be a top priority for any equipment purchaser, but it is especially vital for those in the rental market. Machines that sit on the lot – or in the maintenance bay – don’t provide ROI. So, to maximize their investment, successful rental centers stock equipment that stands up to rigorous use – starting with the engine.

The best engine suppliers for rental offer versatility, dependability and top-tier aftersales support. For rental centers, this streamlines operations and provides peace of mind even for the most demanding applications.

An Engine for Every Application

Rental support teams shoulder a heavy burden. They are responsible for a diverse lineup that can include everything from hand-held tools to heavy-duty, off-highway equipment. Understanding the ins and outs of application, operation and maintenance is important for keeping customers safe and the fleet in top condition, but it requires a broad knowledge base. Standardization is one way centers are streamlining operations. By working with a few high-quality OEMs rather than dozens of specialized manufacturers, these centers can increase efficiency and reduce the mental load on employees. That goes for what’s under the hood, as well.

The key is finding a manufacturer with a broad enough lineup. Kubota offers a full range of both diesel and spark ignited industrial engines, from 4.5 up to 300 HP, which means our products power everything from utility vehicles to excavators. Good news for rental centers looking to operate a diverse fleet, allowing customers to tackle any application, but still relying on a single engine source to help drive commonality for more efficient operation.

For example, the water-cooled, 1800 rpm Z482-4BG is a compact but powerful engine model from our Super Mini Engine Series that’s ideal for light equipment such as LED light towers, welders and generators. It offers best-in-class durability and frequency regulation within 1% throughout the entire power range with no droop. The 05 Series powers mobile generators and larger light towers. It can also be found in mid-range machines, such as aerial work platforms, sweepers, pumps and turf equipment. The 03, 07 and V3 Engine Series are commonly found in air compressors, forklifts, generators, welders, woodchippers, aerial work platforms, pavers and much more.

The WG Series of spark-ignited engines are installed in numerous heavy-duty machines, including forklifts, sweepers, woodchippers, turf and aerial work platforms. This low-noise, low-vibration series is both EPA and CARB compliant. It offers performance similar to its diesel counterparts, which it shares a common platform design with. These engines are known worldwide as reliable industrial power options, but in a more compact footprint.

A Partner You Can Trust

Translating commonality into a competitive advantage takes more than a broad lineup, though. Rental is a demanding industry. Unlike most owned equipment, rental machines – and the engines running them – don’t get a day off. To stand up to rental’s near-constant utilization, Kubota engines combine high-quality components and top-notch engineering for industry-leading durability.

Additionally, our engines are backed by top-tier customer service and support to maximize uptime, even in the most challenging rental applications. With more than 900 dealers across North America, finding authorized Kubota Engine parts and service is easy.

Our service app makes it even easier. Rental centers can retrieve maintenance service schedules for in-house maintenance crews with the touch of a button. This resource puts operator manuals, warranty information and dealer contacts right at your fingertips, saving time and increasing efficiency.

Up To the Challenge

The rental industry demands durable, high-quality equipment. With a century of industrial engine expertise and a reputation for incredible reliability, Kubota engines deliver minimal downtime and a low total cost of ownership – the ideal combination for rental success. When your equipment is powered by Kubota, it’s ready to rent.