The Kubota Cylinder Head Kit: A Simple Solution to Save Time and Money

Jun 30, 2021 | Parts

As a Kubota engine owner, you know more than anyone that proper parts and service are the best way to keep your equipment running optimally.

However, if equipment failure arises, the Kubota cylinder head kit provides a cost-effective and trustworthy solution.

Genuine Kubota cylinder head kits are a great way to save money when your engine needs a cylinder head repair. After all, why pay to machine and reassemble your old cylinder head when you can replace it with a new assembly equipped with a one-year warranty?

Don’t settle for poor quality “will fit” parts from aftermarket suppliers. They will likely cause additional problems for your engine in the long run – meaning another engine failure would be just around the corner. Genuine Kubota cylinder head kits are assembled from 100% new Genuine Kubota parts and designed to maintain the durability you have come to expect from Kubota.

Read below for additional Genuine Kubota cylinder head benefits and instructions to purchase our helpful kit.


Cylinder head kit benefits:

Our cylinder head kits are exclusive to Kubota industrial engines. In addition, they are:

  • Competitively priced.
  • Quality guaranteed.
  • Ready to install.
  • Completely assembled with valves.
  • One-year warranty protected.
  • Delivered in durable, sturdy packaging.

Save time.

No need to look up or replace each individual part in the engine’s parts manual.

Save money.

Ordering the cylinder head kit is far more cost-effective than purchasing each piece of the kit on its own.



  1. Who do I contact to place an order?
  2. Which cylinder head kit part number fits my engine model?
    • Visit the Genuine Kubota parts section on our website to download the cylinder head kit brochure for exact part numbers. It is very important to know the serial number of the engine you need new parts for in order to get the accurate part number.


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