The Kubota D902-K: Where compact engine tradition meets innovation

Mar 02, 2022 | Engines

Announced in April 2021, the D902-K electronically controlled engine was our first-ever electronically controlled diesel engine below 19 kW.

The D902-K is an all-in-one electronically controlled engine that brings together Kubota’s unique technologies to meet a wide range of needs, facilitating easy model upgrades without increasing development costs for the customer. With the K Series, we are reforming all aspects of equipment across the board, from industrial machinery to construction machinery.

While maintaining its compact size and ease of installation, the “three vortex common rail” (TVCR) combustion system contributes to clean exhaust gas, low fuel consumption and highly efficient operations. Additionally, the K Series CAN capable ECU enables use for customer integrated information communication technologies (ICT) needs such as automation, unmanned operations and hybridization.


For 100 years, we have contributed to industrial society and preserving the global environment through advanced technology and undying passion for the best possible engine. Kubota became a leading manufacturer of emission-compliant, compact, multi-cylinder, liquid-cooled diesel engines below 100 HP.

The D902-K’s compact size is a perfect representation of what we’re known for at Kubota Engine America. According to Thomas Amundsen, senior product manager, “The D902-K takes the base of our success and builds on it. What we’re left with reflects the industry’s current technology.”


With the same external dimensions, air intake and exhaust positions, engine mount position, and PTO (power takeoff) as the current model, this engine is especially easy to upgrade.

“Kubota’s D902-K electronically controlled engine allows manufacturers to easily replace the existing engine without the need to redesign the current machine. It will match current dimensions, structures and power takeoff of existing engines,” Tomokazu Matsushita, president of Kubota Engine America, shares.


In previous decades, a higher horsepower engine equated to better power. Today, we’ve shifted our focus to helping companies find the correct sized engine for their specific machinery.

With new technology, sophisticated engines don’t need the highest horsepower. In fact, it’s often better for your machine and for global emissions to opt for a lower-horsepower, hybrid engine.


Choosing an engine like the D902-K positions your business well for the future. In addition to meeting EPA Tier 4 (North America) emissions standards, it was designed to be well-positioned for future hybridization. Our experts foresee new products following carbon-neutral technology – this is only the beginning.


We’re thrilled for mass production of the D902-K to begin in 2022. In the meantime, you can download the D902-K brochure here. For additional information, visit the Global Kubota Engine website.