The Kubota V5009 engine made history. Here’s what you should know.

Nov 24, 2020 | Engines


Did you know the Kubota 09 Series V5009 engine was our first-ever diesel engine above 200 HP (coming in at a healthy 210.9 HP)?

Our customers have been looking forward to Kubota engines with higher HP for some time. Starting with the V5009, we are thrilled to have expanded our product lineup to meet diverse needs for construction and industrial machinery.

Our 09 Series was introduced at CONEXPO 2017 and became available for purchase this year with the introduction of the 4-cylinder V5009.

Designed to meet the higher power demands and wide range of needs in construction and industrial machines, the V5009 can deliver up to 210.9 HP while meeting the stringent emissions standards of EPA Tier 4 and EU Stage V.

The V5009 won over critics, too, winning Diesel of the Year honors from Diesel International magazine in 2019. “V5009 is a genuine industrial engine, with a good balance between reliability and performance, power density and an excellent ratio between weight, volume and performance curves,” wrote Diesel International Editor-in-Chief Fabio Butturi.

Additional benefits of the Kubota V5009 include:

  1. Low fuel consumption.
    • High fuel efficiency is achieved with optimized combustion.
  2. Easy maintenance.
    • One-side maintenance, hydraulic lash adjusters and automatic belt tensioner enable easy maintenance.
  3. High power density.
    • Company 4-cylinder engine offers 157.3 kW high power.
  4. Emission compliance.
    • Kubota’s V5009 engine complies with EU Stage V and EPA/CARB Tier 4 Final.


Stay tuned for additional 09 models to become available, such as the 4-cylinder 150 HP V4309 and the 6-cylinder 300 HP S7509!


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