The Value of Having a Kubota Service App

Sep 13, 2022 | Corporate

When we launched the Kubota Engine America service app for mobile devices, we had end users in mind. We created a one-stop shop for maintaining your Kubota engine. With the app, you can register your Kubota engines, locate your nearest engine service dealer and access documentation about your Kubota engine.

How Does It Work?

The app puts vital resources right in the palm of your hand by connecting you to local servicing dealers, speeding along your repairs and getting you back to work. Key benefits include:

  • Dealer Locator. If you frequently travel with your equipment, this feature allows you to easily find the location and contact information for the closest Kubota servicing dealer.
  • Knowledge Center. Operator manuals, service schedules and warranty information are all stored here – troubleshooting questions has never been easier.


Why Should I Register My Engine(s)?

Registering your engine allows you to find the servicing dealer that is best fit to do the work and is closest to you.  Getting to the right dealer expedites repairs and ensures that they have the right replacement parts on hand when your Kubota engine needs them. Ultimately, it prevents maintenance time from cutting into your bottom line.


How To Register Equipment

To register a single engine, tap on the “Registration” button and use the app’s barcode scanner.

Looking to register multiple engines? Visit our registration page, fill out the appropriate form, and log in to your account.

If you work with Kubota engines, our specialists recommend downloading the app and registering your product(s) for free. The app can be downloaded by searching “Kubota Engine America” on Google Play or the App Store. Look for the blue K!