Why are Genuine Kubota oil filters a necessity for your Kubota engine?

May 03, 2023 | Parts

Your engine requires a tremendous volume of clean oil to operate properly. This oil needs to be filtered to ensure the engine does not wear out prematurely.

Oil filters are not all the same, particularly Genuine Kubota oil filters.

If an oil filter is not changed periodically, the filter can become severely clogged, reducing the volume of oil passing through the filter and into your engine. A poor-quality filter will reduce the life span of your engine, and it can even suffer severe internal damage.

Let’s walk through some commonly asked questions regarding oil filter use:


What happens if you don’t replace your oil filter?

If the oil filter has become dirty and clogged, damage could occur in the internal parts of your engine – due to lack of lubrication and increased friction. Additionally, this can cause premature wear, shortening the life of your engine, or worse.


When should I replace my oil filter?

An oil filter becomes dirty over time, and the flow rate through the filter is reduced because differential pressure across the filter becomes larger. To maintain the correct flow rate, a filter should be changed at scheduled intervals. The filter replacement schedule is found in the operator’s manual.


What’s inside an oil filter?

With a Genuine Kubota oil filter, there are three main components:

  • Sealing Gasket – reduces risk of oil leakage due to hardening from high-temperature conditions.
  • Internal Filter – contains an oil-resistant adhesive and steel caps bonded to the filter media to ensure the filter can survive in extreme industrial applications. Automotive filters are not designed for these conditions.
  • Filter Media – provides highly efficient filtration with synthetic fibers resistant to hot oil and removes dangerous abrasive contaminates from the oil.


Why are Genuine Kubota oil filters so important?

Contaminated oil will reduce the life span of your engine.

With Genuine Kubota oil filters, you are guaranteed the highest level of protection for Kubota industrial engines. “Will-fit” filters from the auto parts store are designed to be an inexpensive alternative for your car, not the harsh environments encountered by Kubota industrial engines.

Key design elements:

  • Synthetic fibers provide high-efficiency filtration in extreme conditions.
  • Large filtration area.
  • Robust construction to resist vibration encountered in industrial applications.
  • Flow rate specific to your Kubota engine.

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Where can I order Genuine Kubota oil filters?

Visit our Parts & Service page to learn more and order parts from an authorized Kubota distributor near you.

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