Your DPF Cleaning Guide From Kubota

Feb 09, 2024 | Engines, Parts


Maintaining your diesel particulate filter (DPF) is crucial for optimal engine performance and environmental responsibility. At Kubota Engine America, we understand the importance of hassle-free DPF maintenance. In this guide, we’ll go through our advanced DPF Cleaning Program, highlighting the benefits, cleaning process and convenience of our no-hassle Clean DPF Exchange Kit.


Why clean your DPF?

DPFs play a vital role in keeping our air clean, but a dirty DPF can lead to unnecessary downtime. Kubota Engine America offers a DPF Cleaning Program that includes a Clean DPF Exchange Kit, minimizing work disruptions. Our thorough cleaning process adheres to strict guidelines, involving a detailed multistep inspection, pneumatic cleaning, testing, airflow check and deep thermal cleaning using cutting-edge equipment.


Our personalized advantage

Kubota’s certified cleaning process sets us apart, ensuring each DPF meets our rigorous certification standards. Unlike some facilities that rely solely on high-pressure air, our process incorporates both pneumatic cleaning and a high temperature bake in a specialized kiln. This dual-cleaning approach maximizes cleaning efficacy, extending the DPF’s life cycle.

Additionally, our specialized internal imaging equipment allows us to inspect deep inside the tiny DPF cells, surpassing the capabilities of the naked eye. This attention to detail further enhances our certification standards, ensuring a thoroughly cleaned and usable DPF.


The no-hassle Clean DPF Exchange Kit

Our complete no-hassle kit offers the least amount of downtime for your projects. Each kit includes a certified pre-cleaned DPF, along with all the necessary items for the exchange and core return. The kit even includes the DPF gasket. We ship these kits in specially designed returnable boxes, facilitating the return process and protecting the valuable contents.


Certification and cost

Each DPF cleaned by Kubota Engine America is professionally certified by our team. Prices are model-specific, so we recommend contacting an authorized Kubota distributor for accurate cost information.


Reconditioning and ready for use

Our cleaned DPFs are ready to be installed on the engine right out of the box. All flange gasket surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and fully prepared, and most DPFs receive a fresh coat of high-temperature paint as part of the final quality inspection process.


Choosing Kubota Engine America’s DPF Cleaning Program ensures a hassle-free and environmentally responsible solution for your DPF maintenance needs. Contact your authorized Kubota distributor to get started and experience the benefits of our advanced cleaning process.




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