09 Series Incentive Program

Kubota V5009 Distributor Salesperson Incentive Program

Earn incentives when you sell the V5009 to new & existing OEMs

With its ideal combination of efficiency, ease-of-maintenance, size and performance, the Kubota
V5009 is the ideal solution for OEMs with higher horsepower needs. Now you’ll receive incentives
for introducing more OEMs to this highly rated engine.

Receive $3,500 CAD for each OEM that purchases five or more V5009 engines.
Receive an additional $3,500 CAD when the same OEM purchases an additional 45 or more engines.

Salespeople are directly paid at fifth and 50th engine invoices respectively by Kubota Engine
America. These are one-time payments per OEM, per application and salesperson.


The incentive program end date is December 31, 2024.


• Eligible applications include new Kubota distributor original equipment manufacturer (DOEM) or new machine model at a current DOEM.
• Both OEM spec and standard engines are eligible for this program.
• Incentives apply to installed engines with application reviews completed and approved.
• Multiple varying applications per OEM are also eligible.
• Salesperson must be actively employed by a Kubota Engine America distributor at the time incentive claims are submitted.
• Salespeople are responsible for submitting the required documentation to Kubota Engine America.
• Cannot combine with any other discounts.


• Complete Form EFT (if submitting for the first time).
• Complete new vendor form (if submitting for the first time).
• Email to

Claim Submission

• Copy of the KEA sales invoice to the distributor that includes engine serial numbers.
• Copy of the distributor invoice to the OEM that includes the engine serial numbers.
• Completed incentive form.
• Email all of these documents to your respective KEA sales manager.