Deep Dive into KEA’s Generators

Aug 23, 2022 | Generators

Buying a generator can be tricky. To simplify the process, we outlined some commonly asked questions about generators that can help guide your next decision. With a compact design made for easy maintenance, our generators are ready when you are – no matter the application.


What are the Benefits of Using a Kubota Generator?

  1. Quietness – Generator noise levels are important for many to keep in mind when purchasing. Remember to consider where your generator will be stored and how loud the noise levels will be while it is running. The Kubota SQ Series generators, for example, include numerous features that reduce overall noise levels. These consist of an improved noise reduction enclosure, a noise-absorbing duct with three air intake holes, an oversized muffler and a quieter cooling fan that runs at a slower speed.
  2. Longevity – Purchasing a generator is a big decision. We understand that you need it to last and operate efficiently for the long haul. Typically, standby generators have a lifespan of 10-20 years, depending on how often they run and how well they are maintained. Kubota generators are direct-coupled, built with a reliable power supply with minimum power loss to ensure a greater life-expectancy.
  3. Compact design – When generators are lightweight and require less space for operation, performing maintenance becomes easier. LOWBOY generators have the lowest-possible height while using vertical water-cooled diesel engines. Compared to other generators, they’re lightweight, require less space for operation and have a broader range of possible applications.


Why is it Important to Service my Kubota Generator?

All service intervals are important. Conducting standard, routine maintenance plays a critical role in your generator’s performance, and it also prolongs the life-expectancy of your equipment.

Service technicians and qualified personnel in our network check fuel tanks, air cleaners, and perform engine checks if needed.

Although your generator should only be fully serviced every six months, your day-to-day maintenance routine should adjust during the colder months as well.


Indicators of In-Need Service/Repair

  1. Excessive fuel leaking.
  2. Seeing multiple disruptions or failures that are out of the normal (e.g., shutting down more often, change in sounds, etc.)
  3. We like to say, “Hours and power are like a fuel tank – when the generator is new, you fill up that fuel tank, and as you use it the fuel tank gets drained.” To clarify, the more hours you put into running your generator, the more it will need to be serviced and routinely checked.


Does This Apply to All KEA Generators Regarding Service and Maintenance?

The application of all generators is, for the most part, very similar. If you’re running lower-hour applications, you might do service once-a-year. Are you running a generator for eight hours a day? 24 hours a day? These are all factors to what generator suits your application best. If application is critical (e.g., storm backup), scheduling a service appointment before the expected use of equipment is recommended.


Maintenance is Key to Prolonging Your Generator’s Service Level.

Once you have found the right generator for you, the ultimate key to longevity is maintaining it.

Kubota generators include one-side maintenance, which reduces the operator’s workload and allows for quick maintenance checks on oil, fuel, battery and cooling water levels.

When in doubt, always reference your Operator’s Manual (provided with each generator) or reach out to your closest distributor. They are always happy to help or will point you to a service dealer in your area.


Genuine Kubota Parts

Genuine Kubota parts are the same parts we use in our factory, and they are always manufactured to our standards. Backed by a one-year warranty, they are the best choice for generator and engine success in the long haul.

Using these in your equipment also makes service simple – your generator’s operator and service manuals will refer to specific parts.


How Does Kubota Stand Out With Their Generators?

We discussed the benefits of using Kubota generators for various applications, with easy maintenance and a compact design. However, the Kubota service network stands out because of its consistent availability – globally spread-out to make sure you can always access services.


Don’t risk your standby power on anything less than Kubota generators. Contact your local Kubota engine or generator distributor for more information on sales and services.