How Genuine Kubota Parts Will Prolong Your Generator’s Life

Nov 11, 2021 | Generators, Parts

Your operation relies on power from your Kubota generator. Prolonging its life should be your #1 goal.

The pandemic’s impact on supply chain has affected nearly every industry – including ours. Without proper parts and maintenance, your generator will start to deteriorate and lead to reduced productivity and more money spent in the long run.

The best way to ensure your generator is running optimally? Use Genuine Kubota parts. In addition to using Genuine Kubota parts within the engine, following our team’s recommendations for the generator will extend its life.

Generator longevity

“When generators break down, they really break.” Gary Odden, Product Manager of Generators at Kubota Engine America stresses the importance of following proper maintenance and using Genuine Kubota parts for safety and longevity.

Make sure you and your team are applying the following tips:

  • Be sure to use Genuine Kubota Generator replacement parts to maintain consistent energy output levels.
  • Kubota generators can run long, but downtime is always beneficial. Allow it to shut down for several hours after heavy usage – this helps the electrical portion cool down.
  • Always avoid running out of fuel by monitoring the fuel levels, which saves time and money in the end.
  • If you work in a warm, humid climate, take special care to avoid corrosion. If you spot any signs of deterioration, refer to your operator’s manual or bring the generator in for service with an authorized Kubota technician.

Genuine Kubota parts

Genuine Kubota parts are the same parts we use in our factory, and they are always manufactured to our standards. Backed by a one-year warranty, they are the best choice for generator and engine success in the long haul.

Using these in your equipment also makes service simple – your generator’s operator and service manuals will refer to specific parts.


Questions? Reach out to your authorized Kubota dealer or distributor to learn more about Genuine Kubota parts or remanufactured parts options!