The GL Series

GL Series Generators

Convenient, Compact Power from Kubota

LOWBOY GL Series generators are made to deliver reliable power with a durable, convenient design – plus a wealth of features that maximize usability and enhance your peace of mind.

Power Generation that Fits

LOWBOY generators have the lowest-possible height while using vertical water cooled diesel engines. Compared to other generators, they’re lightweight, require less space for operation, and have a broader range of possible applications.

Kubota’s Quietest Compact Generator

Numerous features reduce overall noise levels, such as a large-capacity radiator; large-capacity, built-in muffler; a longer air-cleaner hose; and a specially designed inlet vent.


The GL Series Lineup
ModelFrequency Prime OutputStandby Output Phase
GL6000-USA 50hz5.5kVA6Single Phase
GL7000-CSA60hz6.5kVA7Single Phase
GL7000-USA60hz6.5kVA 7 Single Phase
GL7000-TM60hz6.5kVA7Single Phase
GL900050hz8.0kVA8.8Single Phase