What To Expect at CONEXPO 2023 From Kubota Engine America

Feb 06, 2023 | Corporate, Engines

Over the last century, Kubota has established itself as the leading small diesel engine brand globally. Since it began production of the Type A Agricultural Oil Engine in 1922, Kubota has continued to deliver high-quality engines as a power source for a wide variety of industrial equipment.


Showcasing the new Electronically Controlled Small Diesel Engines

In 2022, Kubota continued to see tremendous growth around the world. With cost, quality and environmental factors in mind – Kubota introduced the D1105-K engine adding this to the new TVCR compact engine line up.

The D902-K, introduced in 2021, was Kubota’s first all-in-one, electronically controlled common rail engine under 19 kW and does not require exhaust aftertreatment such as a catalyst or particulate filter. This engine brings together Kubota’s unique technologies to meet a wide range of equipment manufacturer needs, facilitating easy model upgrades without increased development costs for the customer. The D902-K is a 3-cylinder diesel engine with a displacement of 0.898L and an output of 24.8 HP (18.5 kW) at a rated speed of 3600 RPM. Black smoke emissions have been reduced to an invisible level during start up, acceleration and sudden loads all due to the new three vortex common rail (TVCR) combustion system. This allows the D902-K engine to comply with EPA Tier 4, Stage V, China IV and the most stringent of China’s national smoke regulations, Category III.

Learn more about the D902-K engine here.

Kubota’s introduction of the D1105-K engine in 2022 was in response to the continued diverse needs of construction and industrial equipment manufacturers throughout the world, including compliance with the latest emission regulations in each country.

Building off the D902-K, Kubota developed the D1105-K engine as a power source equipped with the new TVCR combustion system that reduced black smoke to an invisible level. This new engine has an output of 24.8 HP (18.5 kW) at 3000 RPM, 3-cylinders and 1.123 L displacement. The improved fuel consumption and the compactness of the D1105-K allows for ease of installation where the conventional model is already in use.

Learn more about the D1105-K engine here.


Looking back at the V5009 & V3307 Micro-Hybrid

Kubota Engine America will be showcasing a handful of newly developed and long-lasting engines at CONEXPO 2023! Along with new additions to the engine family, Kubota will also feature their first-ever diesel engine above 100 HP, the V5009 from the Kubota 09 Series. Introduced at CONEXPO 2017, this engine was designed to meet the higher power demands and wide range of needs in construction and industrial machines. The V5009 delivers 208 HP while meeting the stringent emissions standards of EPA Tier 4 and EU Stage V. Learn more about the reliability and performance of this engine here.

Along with the V5009, Kubota will also be featuring the newly developed V3307 Micro-Hybrid engine. The engine has a straightforward design with three main components: a DC Converter, a Lithium-ion Battery with self contained Kubota control system and a motor generator installed on the existing engine model.

We are confident that the V3307 Micro-Hybrid will offer greater opportunities for equipment manufacturers to harness advances in product design flexibility, optimization, efficiencies and total cost of ownership derived from down-sizing, while maintaining the overall machine performance and productivity. Learn more about the V3307 Micro-Hybrid here.


For Earth, For Life

2022 was a successful year for Kubota Engine America.

However, in 2023, the company dares to push further. As Kubota Engine America gears up for CONEXPO 2023 this March, they also celebrate 25 years of business and progress – focusing on carbon neutrality with new engines and accessibility for all customers and their power needs.

We look forward to seeing you at the upcoming CONEXPO 2023 exhibition in Las Vegas! Make sure to stop by and visit us in the South Hall booth #S84415.