An inside look at the Kubota Engine America Training Academy

Feb 02, 2022 | Corporate

Five years ago, David Pariso saw an opportunity to simultaneously improve the education process for our servicing dealers and the experience of their Kubota engine customers.

250 online courses and 2,600 students later, the Kubota Engine Academy is prospering. We’re proud to offer this hands-on training option as a powerful perk for dealers within the Kubota network.


At the Kubota Engine Academy, our mission is straightforward: We teach technicians to identify issues and fix it right the first time. “Our students learn how to diagnose problems and not just be a ‘part swapper,’” shares Pariso, manager of technical training and development at Kubota Engine America.

This knowledge is extremely valuable to our dealers, whether they are full-service or specialized. It allows them to better assist customers and improve overall business functions.

“The support we’ve received from Kubota’s training department has been fantastic,” shares Mike Duralia, master trainer at Engine Power Source.


A training program is only as great as the sum of its parts. Or, in our case, the quality of our practice materials. Our students have the opportunity to work on current engine models, which are purposely “broken” so that students can diagnose and repair in real time.

“The facilities here at Kubota Engine America, both in the classroom and workshop facility, are among the best I’ve ever seen,” shares Richard Soper, master trainer at Anderson Industrial Engines.

Our courses operate with a smaller class size than competitive programs, making the program more intimate and allowing students to maximize their knowledge. With a 1:3 teacher to student ratio, the hands-on experience at Kubota Engine Academy is unparalleled.


Many of our training courses are offered through our online course catalog. That means you and your techs can train when and where it’s convenient.

These courses touch on a whole host of subjects, from basic electrical and hydraulic systems to diagnostic software and emissions systems. They’re a simple yet comprehensive way to get to know Kubota engines. You can view our online course catalog here.

Once you have the prerequisite knowledge from our online training, you’re ready for hands-on training with our instructors.


Learning from an online module can only take you so far. At a certain point, you’ll need to turn some bolts.

Our training center, located at our headquarters in Lincolnshire, Illinois, gives you the chance to learn from our highly skilled experts. You’ll take classes that dive deep into Kubota engines. You’ll roll up your sleeves and get firsthand experience on running engines with in-depth diagnostic simulations. You’ll have access to a bright, roomy classroom environment with our professionals nearby to answer any question.

We offer two levels of certification: Skilled Technician Certification for Kubota dealers and Master Trainer Certification for Kubota Distributors. These skill levels allow you to progress according to the needs of your shop and your customers.


Service training has never been more important. It’s always been vital to fix the product right the first time, keep your customers happy and keep your shop profitable. But today’s engines feature new technologies, forcing service technicians to master new skills to troubleshoot and repair these engines.

That’s where Kubota Engine Academy comes in. We offer both convenient web-based training and hands-on instructor-led training to help your authorized distributor and dealer technicians confidently solve any issue. It’s an investment that pays off in fewer errors, reduced callbacks and greater shop efficiency.


Kubota Engine Academy equips our distributors and dealers with the knowledge to service our entire product line: electronically controlled diesel engines and their emissions systems; mechanically injected diesel engines; spark-ignited gasoline, LPG, natural gas and multi-fuel engines; and generators.

When it’s all said and done, you’ll have the know-how and the confidence to better service the Kubota engines you see every day. Contact us or learn more about becoming a dealer.